What quilting actually is?

about sewing machines

The process of making thickly padded designer fabric materials by sewing two or more fabrics together is known as Quilting. Quilting is generally done with three layers that are the top layer, the insulating material and the bottom layer that is the backing material. There are three types of quilting,

  • Hand quilting
  • Machine Quilting
  • Tying.

In this article, we are going to discuss quilting machines and their purposes so that you can find the best sewing machine for quilting and more yourself.

There are many different quilting machines available in the market; each of them is used in different designs and patterns. The main difference between the final products obtained depends upon the way they are sewn, the quilting machine which you are using and the pattern you select.

Types of quilting machines:

  • Embroidery machine.
  • Double-needle sewing machine
  • Zigzag locks stitching machine.
  • Mid-arm quilting machine.
  • Long arm quilting machine and many other.

Each quilting machine has its own importance and uniqueness. Some of them are used for industrial or business purpose while others for home.

Let us discuss a bit about all above-given machine to know more about them

  • Embroidery machine as the name suggests is used for embroidery purposes on pillow covers, curtains, heavy dresses, etc.
  • Double-needle sewing machine offers two needles for ‘to the point perfection’ of the product. It helps in stitching corners of the designer clothes with less vibration and high perfection
  • A Zigzag lock stitching machine is used to create zigzag patterns in the material with ease, smoothness, and supremacy. So, if you are up to something that needs these designs, this machine will prove out to be the best sewing machine for you.
  • Mid-arm quilting machines are easy to control quilting machines with dual thread towers, larger working space, numerous accessory ports, and advanced stitching technology.
  • Long arm quilting machines are used to bind the top quilt, insulating material, and the bottom material together in a well defined specific pattern. It makes it easier and faster to make large quilts because of their extended arms.

QuiltingThere are many other different types of quilting machines also available, each for various different quilts. Some common quilts are:

  • American quilts.
  • African- American quilts.
  • Art Quilts.
  • South Asian quilts.
  • Swedish quilts.
  • Hawaiian quilt.
  • Amish quilts.

These quilts differ from each other in the way they are stitched. They carry highly recognizable and classy designs. If you are also fond of sewing and quilting and are in search of the perfection you always thought of in your work, go and get the best sewing machine for yourself that compliments your creativity.

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