Common Features of The Sewing Machine Used for Quilting

common features of best sewing machine for quilting

Quilting is a process of joining three layers of fabric that are the top layer fabric, an insulator, and the bottom layer fabric together to make a thick padded material.

For quilting, some special featured sewing machines are used that are capable of joining these layers with perfection and in a well-defined pattern.

In this article, we are going to discuss the common characteristics of a quilting machine.

The difference between a normal sewing machine and a sewing machine used for quilting?

common features of best sewing machine for quiltingBefore discussing the features of the quilting machines, let us first understand the difference between a regular and a quilting sewing machine.

The main difference between these machines is a regular sewing machine is used to stitch fabrics with thread, while a quilting machine is used to join two or more fabrics together to make the thicker padded material.

Unlike regular sewing machines, quilting machines can work with two or more threads together at a time.

It delivers professional finish and in time approx. Half of that of a normal sewing machine. In an ordinary sewing machine, you can sew on either side, but with quilting machines, you can only sew on the left side of the needle.

Common Features of a Sewing machine for Quilting

Different sewing machines have different features that make them the best sewing machine for quilting. Still, there are some common features in all sewing machines used for quilting that differs them from regular ones. Some of them are:

  • The particular stitch pattern for quilts.
  • Automated stitch length regulation required for free motion or free arm quilting.
  • Long presser foot.
  • Extended space on the right of the needle.
  • Telescopic needle bar
  • Additional presser footer
  • Enhanced speed and technology.
  • Perfect stitches.
  • It has no bobbins, but thread cones for holding 2 or more threads.

These are the features that turn an ordinary sewing machine to a highly professional quilting machine.

In addition to these features, there must be some special and unique features and design patterns in sewing machines to make it the best sewing machines for quilting. With various unique and classy designs and features, these machines have become a pro these days. So what are you waiting for?

If you are also sewing lover and trying to create something brilliant with your creativity, this is the time, go and grab the best sewing machine for quilting today and give your creativity an existence.

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